The Membership Process:


The membership process begins with an invitation to attend a training session without your dog. We encourage you to watch the activities on the field and ask as many questions as you like of the members not currently working their dogs. If at the end of the session you decide that you would be interested in working with us, then we will schedule you for a guest training slot for the next session. During the guest training sessions we will be evaluating your dog’s abilities and whether you would be a good fit for our club. You may attend training as a guest a maximum of six (6) sessions or less if the Training Director’s evaluation of your dog is positive or negative. If the evaluation is positive, we will ask you to submit a membership application. A negative evaluation does not mean you have a bad dog, just that he is not suited for Schutzhund. We will be happy to recommend alternative activities your dog would excel in.


There is a $ 15.00 fee for each Guest training session attended.


On the Training Director’s recommendation, you will be invited to apply for membership by downloading and completing the GAH Membership Form and submitting it to the Club Secretary along with a onetime initiation fee of $ 50.00. The Board will vote on your application and notify you of the result. Approval requires Two Thirds (2/3) positive votes.


Once your application is approved you will be required to pay your Annual Club Dues (prorated by quarter).

Annual Dues for a Single membership  – $ 200.00

Annual Dues for a Family membership – $ 300.00


WDAAs a condition of membership, you are required to join and a remain a member in good standing of  the German Shepherd Dog Club of America- Working Dog Association (GSDCA-WDA)

Annual Dues for a single membership in the GSDCA-WDA – $ 60.00

For complete membership information see the club BY-LAWS


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